BodyGem Assessment

 BodyGem Assessment,

BodyGem Indirect Calorimeter Assessment

Receive a state-of-the-art assessment of your resting metabolic rate (RMR); a useful tool for monitoring metabolism. The BodyGem is an easy to use assessment tool that gives you important information quickly and accurately. Knowing your metabolic fingerprint, the number of calories your body burns each day, is the key to achieving your weight management or fitness goal. Call 847-690-1175 to set-up an appointment.


BodyGem Value Package - Includes the BodyGem Metabolic Assessment and a Personal Fitness Analysis. As a bonus, receive a coupon good for 10% off a training 5 or 10 scan package.

$65 Member/$78 Non-Member for Personal Trainer

$75 Member/$90 Non Member for Master Trainer

BodyGem Indirect Calorimeter Assessment Fees

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