Open Gym Volleyball

Enjoy volleyball at the Pavilion with the over 40 crowd. Open Gym Volleyball is a year round activity. Check our schedule for play times. 

Schedules are subject to change due to holidays, maintenance and/or availability. Held in the Pavilion Multipurpose Gym or the Pavilion Fieldhouse Gym based on availability. A minimum of 1 court will be available. All participants of open gym must check in with a valid driver's license and/or identification.

Open Gym Volleyball

Adult Volleyball

Pass, block, bump, set and spike your way to fun through this engaging and competitive multi-player sport.

Open Gym

Open Gym Volleyball is currently offered for adults 40 and over by Pavilion Fitness through their Open Gym program. Daily admissions and multi-visit pass admissions are available. Check out the Open Gym Volleyball page for more information and schedules.